Next and closing section (I understand what your thinking SHUT THE F*** UP ALREADY!!
I DONT NEED TO READ ANYMORE!, well I must write all this, what about me damnit!?) I'am happy with my family, my brother plays games with me and speak a lot and we see items together.
From pleasure and trendy school, school became a nightmare.
Being a quiet child killed my growing popularity and I was stuck with about merely a few buddies. I got some new ones but I was noticing I was being matched up with the "losers" of school.
I don't analyze, I hate school already, why bring it home and bore myself with it.
I believe I could do better in school if I was home schooled's a much more comfortable environment.
Once I entered high school I was still with un popular kids, and I was scared less on top of it.
Everyone towered over me and one class comprised bud smoking sophmores. I was petrified in school and felt sick everyday. I might take my scenario and made some new friends.
What I TRULY want is to be homeschooled, issues are there though.

My mom does not need me to be home schooled in anxiety I Will raise my antisocial character, and thinks all communication with the external world will be cut off.
First I'll start with my general dislike of school. From pre-school to fourth grade, I believe I enjoyed school (it's a little too far back for me to remember) but I had lots of friends and nice teachers.
Afterward in the middle of fourth grade, I moved. That's when school was not fun anymore.
I am a cashier at my school shop during lunch periods that are certain and I REALLY like that, but besides that, I despise school.

Friends piss me of, none of them share my intrests, I cant stand the "imitation" characters of everyone and teachers annoy me.